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NEBULITE® Drawstring Backpack B-Stock

NEBULITE® Drawstring Backpack B-Stock

Rs. 6,400.00

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Some of our fanny packs and backpacks were damaged during transit, others had a production error (strap breaking off easily) that was corrected but the repair broke a few fibers.

Most of these are the older, then-state-of-the-art V1 Backpack, which although not as brilliantly bright as our current V2 model, are still pretty cool, and some have Berlin and Brandenburg Gate designs on them.

We don't want to throw them away, so here they are, much cheaper :)

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Drawstring backpack with fiber optic front side and illuminated drawstrings!

  • Handheld remote control with separate settings for inside and outside illumination
  • YES you read right: INSIDE illumination! stop searching for your stuff!
  • Get your group together and pair up with 1 of your remotes to create synched-up animations!
  • During the day, you can replace the front side with any sequin Funkelpatch! (Sold separately)
  • Hand washable with electronics removed (10 seconds of work).

Product information

  • Connectors: USB-A plug to connect a power bank (NOT included!)
  • Measurements: 38cm high, 32cm wide, 6cm deep
  • Weight: 0,40kg (Cotton Drawstrings) / 0,50kg (El-Wire)
  • Power usage: maximum 330mA, typically 230mA
  • Material composition: 50% Cotton (Bag), 50% Polyester (Fiber Optics and Inlay)
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